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Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Wed Jun 14 15:23:28 CEST 2006


I would like to create an index of Sanskrit words in transliteration, 
where all words would be arranged regardless of case and style and 
according to the Devanagari alphabetical order. So far (without any 
customisation) I get an index where capitals are before small letters, 
and italics before roman, as shown in the sample below; and of course 
words aren't in the desired order.

I guess I could solve the first issue with commands like:

	\index{Abc at abc}

though I would prefer a way to have MakeIndex globally ignore case and 
style differences.

About the second issue I'm at a loss. Apparently the above trick can't 
be used: there are less letters in the Latin alphabet than in the set 
of letters with and without diacritics used to transliterate Sanskrit. 
Again if there was a global way to reorder letters I would be glad. The 
only model I found was a Perl script by Alexandros Syropoulos, but I 
don't know enough Perl to adapt it and I shan't have time to learn 
enough (the book, written by a friend of mine, to which that index will 
be appended is supposed to be already published).

Now more work for Jonathan :) Since XeTeX is meant to deal with all 
possible scripts, similar problems will often arise. Should there not 
be a mechanism allowing to set the order of index entries?

Kind regards,


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