[XeTeX] [OT] Re: scrarticle + landscape + a6paper – how?

Joanna Rycko rycko at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Wed Jun 14 08:48:19 CEST 2006

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On 2006-06-10, at 00:55, Peter Dyballa wrote:
> Why do you need TeX Live? What special things are needed from this?

I work by an electronic publishing group (if you're German, maybe it  
would be interesting for you: http://edoc.hu-berlin.de) at my  
university. We publish i.a. dissertations written in LaTeX. And my  
job is to controll those documents – it means, that I have to compile  
them. Every author could use any package, so it's important, that I'm  
able to run LaTeX on their documents without warnings about missing  

That's why.

> What is the root of the installation?

/usr/local/texlive/2005 (was default)

> Do you know the ¼GB MacTeX image? http://www.tug.org/~koch/ It is
> teTeX 3 based (twice as big when installed) ...

I already used MacTeX, but it was too small for me. I installed it  
from a CD, but without i-Installer.

> MacTeX installs like i-Installer in /usr/local/teTeX (mostly, some
> utilities go into /usr/local/bin or /usr/local/lib etc.).

Not at my computer: it was all in /usr/local/teTeX or something  
similar. But none of the files went to bin or lib. I think MacTeX  
created symlinks in /usr/bin.

> The TeX
> binaries have a routine built in that makes them search "in the
> vicinity" of their installation place for configuration files to
> learn where STY, CLS, font files etc. are.

I'm not sure, if I understand, what you mean. What do you mean with  
„routine“? Is MacTeX checking online itself, if there are new  
[versions of] packages? And downloads it? Otherwise, how is it  
possible, that MacTeX is, as you written, up-to-date?

> By switching the search
> paths for these binaries you could use either TeX Live or (via i-
> Installer) up-to-date MacTeX ...

I think, that it's too complicated. One year old installation is not  
_that_ old to make me switch between binaries. And every time, when I  
get new DVDs with TeXLive, I install the new versions. And – if it's  
needed – I'm also installing new versions of packages manualy.

I think, you haven't convinced me till now, but you can try one more  
time ;)
(It could be also my English knowledge. I just do not understand  
exactly what you mean with vicinity and so on.)

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