[XeTeX] xltxtra, nee xelatex, package & fontspec

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 02:15:43 CEST 2006


After deliberating over a glass of wine, which may not have  
necessarily improved my judgement, I renamed my package to "xltxtra".  
It is available from CTAN in the usual place:

Next on my list for this package is providing options to turn on/off  
various pieces of its behaviour, and to provide font definitions to  
load the Latin Modern fonts by default (without using fontspec, since  
the LM fonts are too complicated).

The new version of fontspec is also available:

I've attached the release notes from the other day.


The new version of fontspec:
  - Now typesets Lucida maths correctly! Sorry to those bitten by  
this bug (which was fixed in the silent 1.9a release)
  - Fixes the bug of defining LaTeX NFSS family names with spaces in  
  - Has new feature 'LetterSpace' to correspond with the new feature  
in XeTeX.
  - Will work better with babel for Latin and Cyrillic documents (no  
need now to manually set the encoding to 'U' before the beginning of  
the document).
  - Is now aware of the lucimatx package. However, I did this in a  
rush so there's a chance I overlooked something simple here.

And now, the xelatex package:
  - Provides a \XeTeX command to typeset the logo.
  - Redefines \textsuperscript and \textsubscript to use the correct  
font glyphs if they are available through an AAT/OpenType font  
feature. (Read more about this in the package docs.)
  - Loads the fixltx2e package to obtain correct unicode footnote  
  - Redefines \- so that it will work as expected if the hyphenation  
character is changed (e.g., with fontspec).
  - Provides a \vfrac{}{} command for typesetting "vulgar fractions"  
-- it's a good example of how to use fontspec to define your own  
commands that need rich font support.
  - Loads the etex package simply because it can.

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