[XeTeX] XeTeX Linux: 8r.enc not found.

lorenz at lorenz-haas.de lorenz at lorenz-haas.de
Fri Jun 9 10:44:03 CEST 2006

Jonathan Kew <jonathan_kew at sil.org> schrieb am 09.06.2006 08:56:
> Does it work to use mathpazo with regular latex (or pdflatex in dvi
> output mode) and the dvipdfmx driver? The behavior should be the same.
> I'll look into this shortly (if it doesn't get solved in the
> meantime.... good start, Ralf!).


I am very ashamed, because I do now know why it hasn't work.

After a system crash, I installed the new version of Kubuntu. Then I used the *.deb's for 5.10 (<- In anger at the system crash, I did not take care of the version number), which works for xdvipdfmx, only XeTeX fails because of a dependence issue, so I only build XeTeX manualy.

After also build xdvipdfmx manualy it works.

Once again sorry,


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