[XeTeX] Coming to a CTAN near you...

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 16:24:01 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce an updated version of fontspec and a totally  
new package, 'xelatex', which should have propagated their way to  
CTAN within the next day or so.

The new version of fontspec:
  - Now typesets Lucida maths correctly! Sorry to those bitten by  
this bug (which was fixed in the silent 1.9a release)
  - Fixes the bug of defining LaTeX NFSS family names with spaces in  
  - Has new feature 'LetterSpace' to correspond with the new feature  
in XeTeX.
  - Will work better with babel for Latin and Cyrillic documents (no  
need now to manually set the encoding to 'U' before the beginning of  
the document).
  - Is now aware of the lucimatx package if you're using PCTeX's  
Lucida fonts macro package (highly recommended over lucidabr if you  
already own the fonts). However, I did this in a rush so there's a  
chance I overlooked something simple here.

I think that's all...it's a fairly minor release.

And now, the xelatex package:
  - Provides an undocumented (damn!) \XeTeX command to typeset the logo.
  - Redefines \textsuperscript and \textsubscript to use the correct  
font glyphs if they are available through an AAT/OpenType font  
feature. (Read more about this in the package docs.)
  - Loads the fixltx2e package to obtain correct unicode footnote  
  - Redefines \- so that it will work as expected if the hyphenation  
character is changed (e.g., with fontspec).
  - Provides a \vfrac{}{} command for typesetting "vulgar fractions"  
-- it's a good example of how to use fontspec to define your own  
commands that need rich font support.
  - Loads the etex package simply because it can.

Feedback and criticism are greatly welcomed, as always.



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