[XeTeX] XeTeX for Linux (first experiencies)

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Wed Jun 7 10:06:53 CEST 2006

Hello Peter.

Nice to meet you here and thanks for your clarification.

Le 7 juin 06, à 00:27, public at heslin.eclipse.co.uk a écrit :

> ....................................................................... 
> .............. However, for
>     typesetting Ancient Greek texts, the hyphenation patterns follow  
> the
>     rules established in 1939 by the Academy of Athens, which allow for
>     breaking up compound words between the last consonant of the first
>     constituent word and the first letter of the second constituent
>     word, provided that the first constituent word has not been changed
>     by elision. For typesetting polytonic (multi-accent) Modern Greek
>     texts, the hyphenation rules distinguish between the nasal and the
>     non-nasal double consonants mu-pi, nu-tau, and gamma-kappa. In
>     accordance with the latest Greek grammar rules, in monotonic
>     (uni-accent) Modern Greek texts, these double consonants are not
>     split.
> The adaptation of these patterns for use with the Ibycus Greek font
> which Filippou mentions above was in fact done by me with a Perl script
> (which you can find on CTAN).  Now that I've just started using XeTeX,  
> I
> have every intention of writing another script to convert these  
> patterns
> for use with Unicode (both modern and ancient, and both normalization
> forms, C and D).  Unfortunately, I'm swamped with work for the next
> month or so and won't be able to get to it soon, so feel free to start
> the project without me, if you need this urgently.

Since the rules you quote *allow* for breaking up compound words  
according to special patterns I'll be glad with my "uni-grhyph.tex", at  
least until you can create a "uni-GRAhyph4.tex". It's that file that I  
had planned to adapt; if I remember well it will also need a little  
editing and if I can help I'll do it with pleasure.

Best wishes,


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