[XeTeX] XeTeX for Linux (first experiencies)

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 01:07:37 CEST 2006

On 05/06/2006, at 7:53 , Pablo Rodríguez wrote:

> After some playing with my own dissertation, I have discovered the
> following issues:
> XeTeX does not work with babel and polutonikogreek.

Unfortunately, very little work has been spent on multilingual LaTeX  
capabilities using XeTeX. The babel package uses many assumptions  
that are no longer true, so it doesn't exactly make sense to use it  
with XeTeX.

Others may be able to supply a method to get it working, though.

I suspect collaboration with Javier Bezos on his mem package is the  
way to go for XeTeX in the future. (mem has been written currently  
for Omega/Aleph.)

If I had a spare 6 months...

> I have also problems with fontspec. Using GFS Didot (available at
> http://www.greekfontsociety.org/pages/en_typefaces.html), smallcaps
> work, but they work for all capitals also.

This is a bug in the font, not in fontspec. I can verify this using  
another OpenType-aware application.



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