[XeTeX] OT: creating beautiful graphs

Emmanuel 117143.2307 at compuserve.com
Wed Jan 25 20:40:02 CET 2006

At 1:21 AM -0500 1/25/06, Faisal Moledina wrote:
>Hey everyone,
>This is somewhat off-topic from XeTeX.  I assume that most, if not 
>all, the member on this list are Mac users, and I'm calling out to 
>those who regularly have to plot data to include in their XeTeX 
>documents.  I regularly have to plot data for lab reports and I have 
>in the past done so in the most cumbersome method possible.  I would 
>plot the data in Excel, then decrease the margins of the graph, then 
>print the graph to PDF, and then include the graph into my XeTeX 
>document.  I was wondering if there was a nice Mac program that 
>plotted data very well.  I have used Grapher, but only to plot known 
>equations, not raw data.  I was thinking of using either Octave or 
>MATLAB but I don't necessarily want to use a heavyweight program 
>just to plot some data.  What do you all use?

Our product SmileLab is modern (and fully Unicode-compliant), it 
makes gorgeous graphs and it saves them as PDF. Furthermore, it ships 
with a full-fledged GUI included for 3D graphs, and it is 100% 
scriptable which means that you can automate whatever you would like 
when productivity is an issue.

You may want to visit SmileLab's gallery at:

SmileLab is a pay version (for data visualization) of the free 
AppleScript-based automation software (and script editor, and Unicode 
text editor, and XML editor, and 2D graphics engine, and more) Smile.

 From Satimage-software

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