[XeTeX] On combining diacritics again

Malte Rosenau xetex_malte at web.de
Thu Jan 19 16:39:07 CET 2006

Unicode-based TeX for Mac OS X <xetex at tug.org> schrieb am 19.01.06 11:17:59:
> Hello,I have read in another thread (subject: "misplaced combining diacritical marks") about the way XeTeX and Cocoa (differently) handle diacritics stacking. The suggestion there is to use a font like Doulos SIL, which includes features for stacking arbitrary diacritics signs that work in XeTeX.
> The same problem (XeTeX overlaps, instead of stacking, diacritics in pdf output) occurs when combining, say, U+0117 (Latin Small Letter e with dot above) with U+0301 (Combining Acute Accent). The output is fine with Doulos SIL, but not with other fonts (e.g. Gentium). I was wondering whether  the reason for this behaviour still depends on the text rendering engine, since in this case I am not stacking two "combining accents", but rather a "letter" with an accent (I guess U+0117 should be considered as a unique symbol, not a combination of 'e' with an accent).

No, I think it's the font. Gentium has no OpenType specific features, while Doulos has loads. I'm still trying to figure out how this actually works, as I'd love to reencode one of my coptic fonts to the latest unicode standard, where diacritics like U+0301 or U+304 are used as accents. 
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