[XeTeX] psfonts.map not found

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Jan 19 10:34:04 CET 2006

Am 19.01.2006 um 02:33 schrieb Shunichi AMANO:

> Another question as to the instruction for fink tetex. In the  
> almost last step, it says,
> $ cd src/XeTeX/share/texmf.local/
> $ ln -s /sw/var/lib/texmf/fonts/map/dvips .
> But why not "cd src/XeTeX/share/texmf.local/fonts/map"? Running  
> updmap warns obsolete places of map files.

Me too, I would think 'ln -s /sw/var/lib/texmf/fonts .' would be more  
conforming, but since you are changing your working directory into  
the source tree (src/XeTeX/...) this might be without effect at run  
time for the installed software.

I looked with the strings commands inside the xdv2pdf programme  
('strings `which xdv2pdf` | less' and then search in the output with / 
TEXFONTMAPS and then do cursor-up, cursor-up, cursor-up to see a bit  
more). In a non-Fink installation xdv2pdf looks into '.:/usr/local/ 
teTeX/share/texmf/fonts/map//' which seems to be in my installation  
of XeTeX 0.98 wrong, because my system's psfonts.map is located at / 

One work-around would be to create a sym-link to psfonts.map in the  
TeX source's directory, another one to create in the Fink analogon  
of /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/fonts/map a sym-link to the Fink  
analogon of /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local/fonts/map/dvips -- but  
better check first with strings where xdv2pdf really looks in Fink  
for MAP files!



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