[XeTeX] Howto "mark" languages / BiBTeX / and more :-)

Martin Henning martin at easy2design.de
Wed Jan 18 12:39:18 CET 2006

Hello list,

i'm finally heading to actually writing the 40 pages of report my  
professor wants to see.
The text will contain mostly russian, some englisch and some german.  
I remember reading a suggestion by Jonathan, that i should 'simply'  
mark the different languages to get right hyphenation for each of  
them - now i 'just' wonder how i would do that :)

as of now, i only use this:


\input{content/header}	%advanced definitions + packages


if i import one of the babel packages, it will be used globally for  
the document, but how do i import more than one and use them on  
different 'marked' parts of the document?

secondly i didn't find a document class for russian style reports (my  
professor doesn't even know what TeX is, no need to ask there... he  
suggested MS Word :'(  ), so iÄm using the german versions, which are  
not that bad - but: how do i redefine all the german headings? i have  
seen it on some list, but can't seem to find it again. i'm talking  
about "abstract", "introduction", etc.... ok, i could probably  
'simply' edit the style-file itself and create my own russian by  
doing so...

and that is not all! (ok, this might actually fit on OS X TeX... hope  
you don't mind it here...) as of now i'm still wondering what i am  
doing wrong with bibtex... i am able to generate a preview of  
the .bib-file in bibdesk, so i figured i'd use the settings from the  
preview template in my .tex file, but nothing works out at all.

just before the \end{document}

i have this:


with pican_1 being a .bib-file from bibdesk. i inserted a citation  
with \cite{robot}, but all i get is errors:

[1] (./content/intro.tex
LaTeX Warning: Citation `robot' on page 2 undefined on input line 3.
) [2]
No file pican.bbl.
LaTeX Warning: There were undefined references.

so why is he looking for a .bbl-file?! it seems to me, that i didn't  
understand some really basic stuff about the system, but my code  
looks like in all the howtos on the net? i have \usepackage{natbib},  
but i guess it doesn't matter for the style i used... ?

what is really strange (or normal?) about all of the styles i can  
choose from... NONE of them is able to actually print out the URL if  
the reference is an url in bibdesk - why is that? looked at the files  
for the styles, but it seems to me that it would take some time to  
actually edit one to make it do what i need - someone must have done  
it before :)

ok, that's about it for now, all in all i'm already frustrated again.  
mainly because internet in hostel is being shaped down to  
unusability. can't google, can't do anything, except wait for 15 mins  
to get the few bytes of this mail out through some ssh-tunnel :)

thanks in advance,


Martin Henning
martin at easy2design.de

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