[XeTeX] \fontname bugs?

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Tue Jan 17 06:11:22 CET 2006

On 16/01/2006, at 21:35 , Jonathan Kew wrote:

> But you're right, the /B or /I should really be removed once  
> they've been used to resolve a specific font face. I'd better do  
> this for 0.991, I guess, since you've caught me being sloppy here!  
> For now, the residual qualifiers on the name should be harmless if  
> you re-use it, I believe; XeTeX will end up ignoring them.

Oh, of course! I hadn't considered that the name would still work  
fine. I'll implemented it now and never worry about it again.

(And yes, I think this is better than the old way, which I would have  
noticed at exactly the same time if it hadn't changed.)

> See if you can predict the error message this will generate, under  
> standard TeX (or XeTeX):
> * make a copy of "cmr10.tfm" with the name "scaled.tfm", in the  
> current directory
> * run TeX with the input (pay attention to the numbers!):
>   \font\1 = scaled at 10pt \fontname\1
>   \font\2 = cmr10 \fontname\1

Haha. Missing number inserted, or something along those lines :)
Nice way of demonstrating what caught me by surprise. One day I'll  
learn to think correctly "in TeX"...


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