[XeTeX] psfonts.map not found

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Mon Jan 16 13:13:51 CET 2006

On 16 Jan 2006, at 11:37 am, Shunichi AMANO wrote:

> Hello,
> I manually installed (following the instruction for fink tetex) XeTeX
> 0.99b. When I compile simple example, I got the error
> *** fontmap psfonts.map not found; texmf.cnf may be broken
> "kpswhich -progname=xdv2pdf psfonts.map" says it finds the map file.
> Could anyone help?
> I attached the error message by xdv2pdf.
> The part using mac os system font compiles well.
> Best,
> Shunichi Amano

Where does kpsewhich report that psfonts.map is really located?

According to the output you showed, xdv2pdf is looking in the  
following places, and their subdirectories:


(where the "!!" prefix indicates that it won't really search the  
disk, it will rely on the ls-R file). These don't look like Fink  
paths, they look like typical TeX Live paths; with Fink, I'd expect  
paths beginning /sw/...

So this makes me wonder if xdv2pdf is not finding your Fink teTeX  
copy of texmf.cnf, but perhaps a different version of the file.  
Either you need to adjust the paths in the .cnf file xdv2pdf uses, or  
you need a copy (or symlink) to psfonts.map in one of the places  
where it is already searching.

(I'm afraid I don't use Fink's TeX, so I'm not sure of the precise  
details of how it is set up. The best answer would be for someone who  
understands Fink to provide an actual package, but I'm not in a  
position to do that for now.)


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