[XeTeX] Embarrassing fontspec

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Jan 4 09:35:31 CET 2006

Will Robertson wrote:

not using it, i have no clue what goes on in fontspec, but

> Looking at tracing an hbox when this craziness is going on  
> demonstrates what's going on more clearly: (the \hbox is -4055pt  
> wide?!?)
> > \box0=
> \hbox(7.21+2.79)x-4055.02191
> .\U/Hoefler Text (0)/m/n/10 test
> .\glue *
> .\U/Hoefler Text (0)/m/n/10 words
what is this "glue *" doing there (maybe jonathan knows when the * is 

does 'words' run some 4000 pt into the left margin?

do you mess around with fontdimen? (number 2 influences this); if so, 
keep in mind that changing them is a global action

> But when I try and replicate the problem without fontspec (using  
> plain \font primitives), I get no problems:
> > \box0=
> \hbox(9.87305+3.32813)x55.16602
> .\U/Palatino (0)/m/n/12 test
> .\glue 3.0 plus 2.0 minus 1.0
> .\U/Palatino (0)/m/n/12 words

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