[XeTeX] Re: Some strange error on first run of Plain XeTeX with one OS 9 font

Damlamian, Alain damla at univ-paris12.fr
Sun Feb 26 15:28:41 CET 2006


I use the latest TeXShop.
Here is the top of the file with which I had the error message I 
included in my previous post, till the line calling for the OS 9 
font. It shows in the first line the command to use XeTeX, as you 
indicated in your reply.

Is there some weird problem with this command so it does not work 
with the first run? (Of course, it not a big deal to retypeset 
immediately when it works, which is what I have been doing).

Thanks for your help,


%!TEX TS-program =xetex
%!TEX encoding = MacRoman
\input graphicx
\input Don-Dam5_10_04.tex
\input macroplain
\input COLOR1
\input Macros-Ox.1tex
\input 8bitdefscopy.tex
\font \eightrm=cmr10 at 8pt
\font \Ggras=cmb10 at 12pt
\font \ggras=cmb10 at 11pt
\font \largerm =cmr10  at 11pt
\font \Kuens='KuenstlerScript' at 10pt
\font \Kuenst='KuenstlerScript' at 12pt


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