[XeTeX] \typeout command not recognized ?

Damlamian, Alain damla at univ-paris12.fr
Fri Feb 24 08:52:58 CET 2006


While trying out some typesetting with XeTeX, I came to this error:

>This is XeTeX, Version 3.141592-2.2-0.99b (Web2C 7.5.3)
>entering extended mode
>(./Lecture Erevan2_Oct. 2004 copy.tex
>! Undefined control sequence.
>l.527 \typeout
>               {...supports rotation and scaling}%
>Process aborted

Why is it that my XeTeX does not recognize the \typeout command.

This is the corresponding part of xetex.def where it appears.

>% Rotation & Scaling
>%  supported from v0.6 onwards
>\let\Grot at start\relax
>\let\Grot at end\relax
>\let\Gscale at start\relax
>\let\Gscale at end\relax
>\typeout{...supports rotation and scaling}%
>\def\Grot at start{\wd\z@\z@
>   \special{x:gsave}\special{x:rotate \Grot at angle}}
>\def\Grot at end{\special{x:grestore}}
>\def\Gscale at start{%
>   \special{x:gsave}\special{x:scale \Gscale at x\space\Gscale at y}}
>\let\Gscale at end\Grot at end
>%% End of file `xetex.def'.

Should the corresponding line be commented? Or is my XeTeX 
implementation defective?

Thanks for any help,



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