[XeTeX] again russian, german, english...

Martin Henning martin at easy2design.de
Mon Feb 13 14:59:29 CET 2006

Hello Jonathan,

first of all, thank you for your work!!

On Feb 11, 2006, at 2:32 AM, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> % workaround to set encoding BEFORE babel checks
> \newcommand\cyrillicencoding{U}
> % babel - hyphenation etc...
> \usepackage[german,english,russian]{babel}
> % for xetex/fontspec, override Babel's idea of latin encoding
> % (this must come AFTER loading the babel package)
> \AtBeginDocument{\renewcommand\latinencoding{U}}

Yes, i get everything in Charis SIL and table of contents etc. in  
russian, but: Hyphenation doesn't seem to work properly. I looked at  
all kinds of russian texts, there is seems to be ok, though i  
sometimes get overlong lines, where it simply doesn't break the word  
earlier or put it on the next line - don't know why... English  
hyphenation doesn't seem to function at all, because i found (among  
right things...) stuff like "art-icle", which for my understanding is  
wrong. German hyphenation seems to work, need to paste more german  
texts to confirm my assumption, though. we still have the

%workaround for russian unicode AFTER xunicode is loaded.

in the preamble - wasn't that supposed to load Cyrillic hyphenation  
file back when we tried to get Russian working? i tried to compile  
without, but it hangs with error, because he doesn't recognise  
Russian anymore :) i wonder why all this, i thought it is unicode and  
that's it? it seems to me that i don't understand the overall system  
here... :)

finally, the \setlength{\lineskiplimit}{-4pt} is really weird. no  
matter which documentclass{} i use, i get very strange behaviour:
between -1 and -4 i get some visible effect, but ONLY in the table of  
contents. then suddenly with -5, get it the effect everywhere, in  
annotation and normal text. -6 and below don't change anything  
anymore, can't get closer (don't want, but it is strange). i have  
absolutely no clue why...

did you find some more hints in babel/KOMA? i seems to me should edit  
the babel-package and create a new one without all the encoding  
stuff... xbabel...

still hoping,


Martin Henning
martin at easy2design.de

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