[XeTeX] again russian, german, english...

Martin Henning martin at easy2design.de
Fri Feb 10 15:48:41 CET 2006

On Feb 10, 2006, at 11:46 AM, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> 1. The \documentclass{...} line is missing from your sample, so I  
> ran it as "article", but a couple of the commands aren't defined  
> there. So we may not be seeing exactly what you're seeing -- but  
> the general problems will be the same, so it's not a big deal.

yes, sorry. article is ok, too, since the problems are probably not  
related to the class. i am using \documentclass{scrartcl} though,  
which is part of the KOMA package.

> 2. The German and English are not appearing in the fontspec font,  
> but defaulting to CM. This is probably a case of Babel overriding  
> the encoding/font choices that fontspec tries to make. And that's  
> why the umlauts disappear--you end up trying to print Unicode  
> umlauted characters using a CM font that doesn't support those  
> codes. I recall we tricked Babel for Russian by defining  
> \cyrillicencoding, but am not sure yet how to make it keep its  
> hands off the Latin-script text as well.

right, the encoding workaround was for russian :) i was thinking  
about redefining the commands for language selection - maybe to  
include new encoding directives every time you change the language?  
though the babel-package also automatically redefines all the things  
like "contents" etc... :/

> 3. To get "close" line spacing with Charis SIL, you need to add  
> something like
> 	\setlength{\lineskiplimit}{-4pt}
> to the preamble, as Charis SIL has very large ascent/descent values  
> in the font (to allow space for tall/deep characters and stacked  
> diacritics).

hm. doesn't work for me? i put it after the font-definitions...  
nothing happens at all....

> 4. By the PDF-Menu, you mean bookmarks? I don't think you can get  
> non-ASCII characters in there with XeTeX at the moment, because of  
> limitations in the Perl script that xdv2pdf uses to add the  
> bookmarks. In theory, someone with deep enough PDF knowledge (not  
> me!) might be able to add Unicode support there, but I'm expecting  
> to roll out a better solution sometime fairly soon....

yes exactly. so i will try to generate the document without bookmarks  
at all for now, since fairly soon will probably not be soon enough  
for my special case *g* thank you for your effort, i really  
appreciate it!!

thanx again,


p.s.: this was probably my last email until monday... we will see  
what i have worked out over the weekend - maybe you will have found  
some solution, too. i will try to play with \renewcommand 
{\selectlanguge} or so... :)

Martin Henning
martin at easy2design.de

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