[XeTeX] again russian, german, english...

Martin Henning martin at easy2design.de
Fri Feb 10 15:28:58 CET 2006

On Feb 10, 2006, at 11:12 AM, Will Robertson wrote:

> I'm going to go out on a limb and say that babel is making things a  
> *lot* harder than they need to be; you should ditch it and do the  
> language selection with more low-level methods. (What they are, I  
> don't know. I do remember Jonathan complaining about Babel's way of  
> doing things before now, however.)

right... the whole font encoding stuff seems to be a problem, that's  
why my fonts get substituted etc.

> Take a look at my modified version of your example document,  
> attached. Ignore the line spacing and lists for now; that can be  
> easily corrected later. If you've got a font that contains accented  
> and Cyrillic characters, you want to use that font for everything!

right... but now i need hyphenation :) is it possible to 'simply'  
include three hyphenations files and then define some new language  
selection commands which only apply proper hyphenation? your variant  
with only one font looks of course nice, but without proper  
hyphenation i can't possibly write a document for university :)

> By the way: The pdfsync package only works for pdflatex, as far as  
> I'm aware. And you won't find some of that hyperref stuff working,  
> either.

hm - everything worked for me, all links etc. just the pdf-bookmarks  
are completely messed up. as jonathan already pointed out... won't  
work with xetex right now :( is there a way to generate that later?  
somehow? my document is not very large, possibly i could do it by  

> Hope this helps,

thank you,


Martin Henning
martin at easy2design.de

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