[XeTeX] help for the font problem

Dalyoung Jeong haksan at mac.com
Thu Aug 31 04:02:35 CEST 2006

Hi, all

I have no problem to get an pdf output using XeTeX and XeLaTeX but, I  
got some errors using XeTeX+ XonTeXt.

After many tests, I think that the error is related with the font 
(including Korean) which I installed privately.
If I use the fonts installed by system, then everything is OK.

The followings are the errors and error message I got.

1) There is a  white space  instead of figures.
		No error messages but no figures. However, if I changed the font, I  
got the pdf output directly containing figures.

2) font error message:

xetext.xdv -> xetext.pdf
** NOTICE: This document contains a `Preview & Print only' licensed  
font **
** ERROR ** CFF: Invalid character.

Output file removed.
TeXExec | runtime: 5.386493

However, I could get an pdf texts using "xdv2pdf" but still no  
figures. If I changed the font, then I got the pdf output without  

Hence, all the errors are originated from the font. I wonder whether  
it is the problem in my system only or not.

  Would someone try the following file using the given font(free to  
And if you also get the same errors, then is there a

You can download fonts freely from the following address:


In the middle of that page, you can see "Open type Fonts for Mac OS  
X", click "open type font 5" below the "download service". It  
contains 5 fonts, and try one of them.

Thank you for help.

Best Regards,

\font\B="smJohabP\space Medium" at 12pt



This is a test for \ConTeXt.


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