[XeTeX] Newbie troubles with XeTex for Linux

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Aug 25 10:48:26 CEST 2006

Am 25.08.2006 um 03:21 schrieb Steven Shaviro:

> When I try to run:
>   ls -l 'which xetex
> all I get is:
> ls: which xetex: No such file or directory
> Am I somehow getting the syntax wrong?

Could be! Around the two words "which" and "xetex" you should not use  
one apostrophe but two 'backticks.' These look like the french accent  
grave, i.e `. (<< this over there *is* a real backtick)

Since texhash uses the wrong TeX tree I presume that your path or  
PATH environment variable is incorrect. Could be an installer  
recorded in /etc/csh.login and /etc/profile the path to the teTeX  
binaries, so you probably were using teTeX and not TeX Live all the  
time, because the teTeX binaries path comes before the TL one, so the  
teTeX binaries are (were) found first. The first step to solve is to  
correct your path or PATH environment variables, i.e. remove the /usr/ 
local/teTeX/bin/i386-apple-darwin-current component. /etc/csh.login  
and /etc/profile are sure candidates for a change. Since they are  
owned by the system (the 'root' user) you would need to edit them on  
the command line with a UNIX editor like emacs, vi, pico, nano ...  
Provided you are admin of your system, invoke

	sudo <the editor of your choice> /etc/csh.login
	sudo <the editor of your choice> /etc/profile

and remove the unnecessary components. You might find in both files a  
whole block of a few lines that describe each the change done to the  
file – remove the whole block then. Of course your own files can have  
this path component, too, so do:

	grep teTeX ~/.*rc ~/.*profile ~/.login

Edit the files listed, log off and log in again.



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