[XeTeX] fontspec: two things

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 13:41:54 CEST 2006


Herb has pointed out a bug in the latest version of fontspec, v1.11,  
which is installed in XeTeX 0.995. *Every* AAT feature that switches  
something off (E.g., "Ligatures=NoCommon" or  
"Contextuals=NoLineFinal") currently do not work. Yikes.

I'm not ready for a new release, but if you want the fix to this  
problem (note it only affects AAT fonts on Mac OS X), you can grab  
the latest version from the svn repository:

Alternatively, you can replace the code snippet at the end of this  
letter. Sorry for the inconvenience,



\newcommand*\zf at make@aat at feature@string[2]{%
   \edef\@tempa{\XeTeXfeaturename\zf at basefont #1}%
     \ifnum\XeTeXisexclusivefeature\zf at basefont #1 > 0
       \edef\@tempb{\XeTeXselectorname\zf at basefont #1 #2}%
       \unless\ifodd #2
         \edef\@tempb{\XeTeXselectorname\zf at basefont #1 #2}%
         \edef\@tempb{\XeTeXselectorname\zf at basefont #1 \numexpr#2-1 

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