[XeTeX] XeTeX: ready for full-time math?

Michael Zedler michael.zedler at tum.de
Fri Aug 18 01:19:07 CEST 2006


>> I recall some time back not too far that there
>> was concern that for heavy math use, XeTeX wasn't yet the best
>> choice.
> It's almost ready :)
> I have the intention of readying the support necessary in the not too  
> distant future, and this list of course will be the first to know  
> when that's done.
> The situation is complicated by the fact that there aren't too many  
> fonts with tons of maths glyphs...

How about MnSymbol (http://www.hft.ei.tum.de/mz/MnSymbol.pdf), it has 
some 1350 glyphs per font in two weights and seven optical sizes?
I've converted the Metafont sources using a combination of 
Metapost+FontForge into pfb (so these are not auto-traced fonts), and 
generated a test otf using AFDKO 2. Could you please test 
http://www.hft.ei.tum.de/mz/MnSymbol10.otf with current XeTeX?
The stylistic alternates are:
SS01: negated version
SS02: use 'big' symbols, e.g. substitute \oplus by \bigoplus
SS03: use symbols suitable for displayed equations
SS05: access alternative symbols that don't have a unicode position

Comments about changing/extending otf features very welcome.

BTW, does XeTeX support already the corrected otf 'size' feature 
generated by AFDKO 2 (the above otf has it)?


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