[XeTeX] XeTeX Win32 PDF file output error, second phase

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sat Aug 12 12:13:44 CEST 2006

Hi Maurice,

Sorry to hear of your frustrations with the Laotian fonts on W32.  
Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this.

First, reviewing the font-loading records reported by xdvipdfmx:

> <PhetsarathOT(Phetsarath OT:Regular)@5.98pt<NATIVE-
> FONTMAP:PhetsarathOT/H>
> fontmap: PhetsarathOT/H -> c:/windows/fonts/PhetsarathOT.ttf 
> (Identity-H)

Here, it's loading the font with family name "Phetsarath OT", style  
"Regular", PostScript name "PhetsarathOT". This looks fine.

> <PhetsarathOT-Bold(Phetsarath OT:Bold)@16.94pt<NATIVE-
> FONTMAP:PhetsarathOT-Bold
> /H>
> fontmap: PhetsarathOT-Bold/H -> c:/windows/fonts/PhetsarathOT-Bold.ttf
> (Identity-
> H)

Family "Phetsarath OT", style "Bold", PostScript name "PhetsarathOT- 
Bold". Also fine.

> <PhetsarathOT-Bold(Phetsarath OT:Bold)@8.72pt
> fontmap: PhetsarathOT-Bold/H -> c:/windows/fonts/PhetsarathOT-Bold.ttf
> (Identity-
> H)

The bold font again, used at a different size.

> <PhetsarathOT-Italic(Phetsarath OT:Regular)@8.72pt
> ** ERROR ** Cannot proceed without the "native" font: PhetsarathOT-
> Italic (Phets
> arath OT Regular)...

This one looks suspect: it is expecting the PostScript name to be  
"PhetsarathOT-Italic", but the style name is "Regular". I think this  
indicates that the naming in the Italic font is still inconsistent,  
and that's what is confusing xdvipdfmx.

I may be able to make the driver more intelligent about locating  
fonts, even when the names are mixed like this (after all, xetex  
found and used a font -- though whether it was the one you wanted is  
another matter!). But I suspect the problem will be solved if you can  
get the naming fixed in the Italic font. Regular and Bold seem to be  
loading OK now. (Better check BoldItalic too; it didn't get that far  
this time.)

> SECOND, subsequently when I tried to test whether the .xdv file was
> corrupted by processing it back on my Macintosh as follows the
> versions appear to be incompatible:
> $ xdv2pdf 41Matt.xdv
> *** bad XDV file: version=5, expected 4

The version of the .xdv format was changed back in October 2005 (as  
part of the changes to make xetex run on other platforms; there used  
to be some OS X-specific aspects of the format). So this indicates  
that you have a fairly old version on your Mac; if you update to the  
current release, the .xdv files should be compatible (provided the  
same fonts are available on both machines).

> THIRD, are there any flags that I could use with xdvipdfmx that would
> cause it to accept my fonts?

No, the font naming (and/or the software, but the naming is probably  
quicker to update!) needs to be fixed.



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