[XeTeX] Regular math font, fontspec & xmaths

Pierre Weil pierre.weil at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 14:33:22 CEST 2006


I'm trying to use fontspec to change the regular math font (i.e. the
font used to render $abcdef$). I am mostly interested in changing the
font for the alphanumeric characters. Greek and other symbols are
currently less important to me, and I don't mind if they stay in CMR.
This seems to be the behavior of just putting everything in \mathit{},
so if there's some way to make that automatic that would be excellent.

I've tried adding
"\DeclareSymbolFont{letters}\zf at enc\zf at rmmaths\mddefault\itdefault" to
fontspec.sty, which indeed changes the font but breaks for
non-alphanumeric characters like Greek (even though this font does
have Greek glyphs).

I've also tried messing around with Will Robertson's xmaths package,
but if I add say \DeclareSymbolFontAlphabet{\mathit}{letters} to the
preamble of my document, the math still uses CMR. This package looks
like it could do the trick though, and if I could get it to do this I
would be ecstatic.


Pierre Weil

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