[XeTeX] 'regular' font not found

Alex Lubberts alex at lubberts.org
Thu Aug 3 21:35:55 CEST 2006

I'm using the Linux version 0.994a that I downloaded from the website.

The problem occurs with other 'opticals' as well; I also tested Cronos
Pro and Warnock Pro. Also, instead of Myriad Pro Regular, Myriad Pro
Condensed gets chosen. So the problem seems to be structural...


On do, 2006-08-03 at 14:41 -0400, William Adams wrote:
> Some specifics below, but first, a note that all of the below ``just  
> works'' w/ the latest, greatest version of XeTeX compiled from the  
> code updated by subversion a day or two ago --- this is on Mac OS X  
> --- are you using Windows or Linux?
> Thanks!
> William

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