[XeTeX] XeTeX and font specimens

Jon Breitenbucher kahless at mac.com
Wed Aug 2 22:27:45 CEST 2006


Did you finish the LaTeX port? I assume so but didn't see it on CTAN  
or in the list. I'd be interested in it.

On Apr 24, 2006, at 3:19 PM, William Adams wrote:

> I'd asked:
>>>  - Stephen, would it be okay if I create a LaTeX version (a package
>>> or documentclass) of these files w/ a front-end that lets one easily
>>> plug in font names to generate samples?
> and on Apr 24, 2006, at 2:58 PM, Stephen Moye replied:
>> By all means! That would be really wonderful.
> Thanks!
>>>  - Should XeTeX be working with a font manager? I'm using Linotype's
>>> free FontExplorer X to activate fonts and it's mostly working
>>> (Bickham Script Pro Bold wouldn't work, but Regular and Semibold
>>> did). I thought there'd been discussion that this _wasn't_ supposed
>>> to work.
>> My 2¢: FEX has always worked like a charm for me. Some of the
>> earlier betas had some behavior problems, but that seems to be in
>> the past. Worth every penny. Question is, does it (can it) work under
>> Rosetta? How soon will there be a new version that works natively  
>> with
>> Intel Macs?
> www.versiontracker.com indicates that it works well, with just a
> single mention of a work-around for a crash on start-up (force it to
> start up under Rosetta manually then re-build the database).
> William
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