[XeTeX] MetaPost with XeTeX

Robert Spence spence at saar.de
Mon Apr 10 18:36:33 CEST 2006

Dear List Members,

Just two quick questions concerning MetaPost:

1) Is it possible to get MetaPost to call XeTeX, instead of normal  
TeX, to typeset labels within diagrams using some of the fonts that  
XeTeX can access?

2) Is it possible to call MetaPost from within XeTeX (using something  
like mfpic.sty or emp.sty)?

The first question is motivated by an ongoing font selection dilemma  
of a purely aesthetic nature, i.e. has a fairly low priority in the  
overall scheme of things.  The second issue is also not critical, as  
most of the MetaPost graphics I need to insert consist of a small set  
of pre-existing intonation contour symbols that get used again and  
again, i.e. there would be no real point in trying to generate them  
on-the-fly each time anyway.  But I'm curious to learn more about how  
XeTeX and MetaPost interact (or don't (yet)).

-- Robert Spence

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