[XeTeX] Newbie needs help using packages with XeTeX

Faisal Moledina faisal.moledina at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 07:37:25 CEST 2006

Before we go further (and start to laugh), were you using the xelatex  
command or xetex command?


On 4-Apr-06, at 1:16 AM, Linda Lanz wrote:

> Hello,
> Don't laugh, but I have some really basic questions to ask. Nothing in
> the documentation helps at all. I'm sure this must be very simple, but
> how do I use LaTeX standard features and packages with XeTeX?
> If I try something like,
> \documentclass[11pt]{article}
> \usepackage{gb4e}
> I get an "! Undefined control sequence." message. I'm using TeXShop
> and have no troubles using things like these in LaTeX files. It
> doesn't seem to matter what document class or structure commands I
> try, nor which packages.
> Even the XeTeX-notes.tex file in the documentation won't typeset
> without error. What on earth am I doing wrong? The file is saved in
> Unicode, I've got XeTeX selected as the typesetting method, and yet it
> doesn't work. I'd like to understand why so that I can learn to use
> this better.
> The ultimate goal is glossing some Armenian texts, so I'd have
> Armenian script on the first line, glossing on the second, and free
> translation on the third. Even if I can't get glossing to work in
> XeTeX (with gb4e, covington, or any other glossing package), it'd be
> nice to be able to use it for articles instead of LaTeX so I can
> include Armenian examples easier.
> Any help appreciated!
> Befuddled beginner,
> Linda L.
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