Solved: [XeTeX] beginners trouble

=?GB2312?Q?Pavel_Stra=A8=BE=A8=A2k?= stranak at
Sat Nov 12 20:28:15 CET 2005

On 12.11.2005, at 16:03, Martin Henning wrote:

> after endless trouble with TeXhop not beeing able to load the 
> installed font, i finally switched to the secnd version (with 
> babel...) - Suddenly everything worked out perfectly! I don't know the 
> connection between the two things, but without babel i couldn't load 
> fonts at all.

I tried babel, because I used to have similar problem with 

> Monaco seems to contain everything, i'm using it now for for monospace 
> style. Downloaded the SIL fonts and i guess i'll stick with Charis 
> SIL, even though it is not as 'readable' as the 'standard LaTeX font' 
> - but, that's really great, it seems to have all character i will ever 
> need included and since i don't want to sell it... nice :)

'Standard LaTeX font' is Computer modern, which is very similar to 
Monotype Modern. Unfortunatelly I was unable to find any foundry 
selling Modern or similar typeface with cyrilic.
In case you would need "standard fonts" (times/helvetica/courier) 
equivalents, have a look at the Free family
( They seem to be quite good and 
contain wide range of glyphs.


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