[XeTeX] TEI XML and XeTeX

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Wed Nov 9 08:42:51 CET 2005


Le 9 nov. 05, à 06:21, Jonathan Kew a écrit :

> For XSL processing, I simply use xsltproc. If you're running Tiger, I 
> believe this is included; for Panther, there are binaries available. 
> See http://www.explain.com.au/oss/libxml2xslt.html for more info.
> So an equivalent to the above command ought to be something like:
>     xsltproc -o ./xetex/myFile.tex ./tei-xsl-5.2.9/p5/latex/tei.xsl 
> myFile.xml
> which should work "out of the box" on Tiger. (Untested, as I don't 
> have any TEI materials lying around.)

There are so many tools in a Unix system that I hadn't noticed 
"xsltproc" was available (on Panther as well). I just tried the above 
command and it worked alright.

Best wishes,


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