[XeTeX] Charis SIL font problems in XeLaTeX

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Mon Nov 7 12:58:31 CET 2005

On Nov 7, 2005, at 2:28 AM, Bernd wrote:

> Just for clarity, I've been reading this thread and I was wondering  
> whether font sizes are alway defined by way of Latex and not by  
> fontspec. Is that correct? With fontspec you only "scale" according  
> to the Latex font size. I.e. Latex 10 and scale=1.2 makes it size 12?
> Bernd.


I may be getting this wrong but but I wouldn't think of it that way.  
The visualize the scale factor to 1)bring the roman font to, more or  
less, match the size of CM at the point size given in the  
\documentclass command and 2)scale the other fonts so the x-size is  
approximately the same as that of the roman font (actually I like the  
mono font's x-size to be slightly smaller and maybe even the sans  
serif font too --- depending upon design). If the font really has  
different design at different point sizes then this is not quite  
right and the two scaling methods will give different results; e.g. CM.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest.com)

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