[XeTeX] access to composite characters

Malte Rosenau xetex_malte at web.de
Wed Nov 2 14:31:22 CET 2005

Bernd schrieb am 02.11.05 13:23:12:

> if I understand you, you just want to use these characters in your text 
> but the font you use doesn't have it. Right? Easiest solution is to use 
> a font capable of that like those on the sil.org website or the Arial 
> unicode font (av. at sf.net). Most of Times has it also (not the Times 
> New Roman, though) To enter those letters use the Latin extended 
> keyboard available on http://homepage.mac.com/chinesemac/LatinExtended/ 
> to get the dot press alt-shift-j and then the letter you want (h for 
> example...) and so on.
> hope that helps.

Sure, that would help. I could also easily hack the font and add the missing glyph 
myself, but I consider that cheating. There must be an easy way to declare a fake
composite character for missing glyphs in XeTeX.

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