Optically sized fonts, was, re: [XeTeX] Font strangeness

Jonathan Nicholl tex at jnicholl.org
Tue May 24 21:10:52 CEST 2005

> Under Tiger, I suppose some of the OpenType layout features may be  
> available through the ATSUI interface as well--I have done very  
> limited experimentation so far. But the OT support in Tiger's ATSUI  
> is considerably weaker than the ICU version; only a limited  
> selection of features are supported, and not all lookup types work,  
> for example. Nor, of course, is there any complex-script shaping.
> JK

This is true. With Minion Pro, for example, ATSUI enables control over

Letter Case
Number Spacing
Vertical Position
Typographic Extras (Slashed Zero)
Number Case
Case-Sensitive Layout

This is excellent. However, these seem to be the only features that  
ATSUI enables control over in any font.

(You can see what is available by going to the font panel, clicking  
on the tiny cog, and going to 'Typography…')

Best wishes,


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