[XeTeX] Font question

Jonas Wellendorf Jonas.Wellendorf at cms.uib.no
Wed May 18 17:59:09 CEST 2005

På 15. mai. 2005 kl. 21.21 skrev Jonathan Kew:
> So.... sorry, it's really a shortcoming of the font. You could write 
> TeX macros to position the ogonek from Hoefler under the o, but it's 
> messy and interrupts the nice clean Unicode text stream that we'd like 
> to be able to use these days.
I have made a few small macros that enables me to produce the o-ogonek 
character with Hoefler Text in xelatex in various environments. Its 
very primitive but it works and looks good.

Thank you for this excellent application,

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