[XeTeX] Font question

Jonas Wellendorf Jonas.Wellendorf at cms.uib.no
Sun May 15 23:09:57 CEST 2005

På 15. mai. 2005 kl. 20.06 skrev Jonathan Kew:

> On 15 May 2005, at 8:46 pm, Jonas Wellendorf wrote:
>> På 15. mai. 2005 kl. 17.37 skrev Bruno Voisin:
>>> Le 15 mai 05 à 18:49, Jonas Wellendorf a écrit :
>>>> This is not strictly a xetex related question or problem, but a 
>>>> problem I have encountered while using xetex.
>>>> In my documents I need the character ǫ (hooked o). In regular latex 
>>>> I type \textpolhook{o} to get this character. In xetex using a font 
>>>> such as Gentium I simply enter alt+j and then o on my Norwegian 
>>>> keyboard. But how do I get the same character while using say 
>>>> Hoefler Text?

> Hoefler Text does have the ogonek accent itself, U+0328, ̨so if your 
> text includes the sequence <o, U+0328> rather than the single 
> character U+01EB, it will appear; however, the positioning of the 
> accent on the base letter may be poor, depending on the font design 
> and whether it includes AAT tables for precise accent positioning. (It 
> probably doesn't.)
> You could make ǫ an "active character" expanding to the sequence <o, 
> ogonek>:
> 	\catcode`ǫ=\active \defǫ{o\char"0328\relax}
> and see if the result is acceptable

Ok. Now I can see what the hooked o looks like in my editor using 
Hoefler as document font in my editor and typing o followed by alt-0328 
on the Hex keyboard.

But the resulting pdf-document is still not as I would expect. Instead 
of the hooked o I get an o followed by an ogonek (o˛).

Please bear over with me if I am missing something basic here.

Thank you,

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