[XeTeX] Font question

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sun May 15 19:37:34 CEST 2005

Le 15 mai 05 à 18:49, Jonas Wellendorf a écrit :

> This is not strictly a xetex related question or problem, but a  
> problem I have encountered while using xetex.
> In my documents I need the character ǫ (hooked o). In regular latex  
> I type \textpolhook{o} to get this character. In xetex using a font  
> such as Gentium I simply enter alt+j and then o on my Norwegian  
> keyboard. But how do I get the same character while using say  
> Hoefler Text?

Simply by installing and using the package xunicode.sty, from Ross  
Moore and available at the XeTeX "Related packages" page. It  
redefines many LaTeX control sequences to take advantage of the  
Unicode character set. In particular, it contains:

{02DB}  % Combining ogonek

Then you can use \textpolhook as usual.

You can verify that the corresponding ogonek "accent" is available in  
Hoefler Text by using the OS X character palette. Go to System Prefs  
 > International > Input Menu and check the Character Palette. Make  
also sure "Show input menu in menu bar" is checked. Then from any  
application you can display the character palette from the menu bar  
using the International menu (the one with the flag icon representing  
your selected keyboard language). In this palette, by selecting Glyph  
in the first pull-down menu and Hoefler Text in the second you can  
see all characters in the font. The ogonek accent is indeed there, at  
position 901.

BTW, with the character palette you can also see all the fonts that  
contain a specific Unicode character, like the pre-built letter ǫ,  
and doubling-clicking this character in the palette gets it included  
in your current document (that's how I just wrote ǫ in this message).  
Then, assuming this character is available in the font used in  
your .tex document (which is Monaco for me in the source window in  
TeXShop), you can simply enter the character from the palette in your  
XeTeX input file (or directly from your keyboard if it includes this  
character), and forget about \textpolhook.


Bruno Voisin

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