[XeTeX] Tiger font fixes

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Sun May 1 18:02:13 CEST 2005


I'm very happy to report that I've got Tiger running well on my  
relatively old first revision 12" PowerBook. XeTeX is running as  
nicely as before, and the new version of TeXShop is very nice. (Text  
in Cocoa applications has been improved dramatically so TeXShop's  
display of text in the editor and scrolling in the console is  
noticeably faster.)

Furthermore, Apple's been updating some of their fonts, so we've got  
a few fixes for some annoying bugs but a couple of (well, at least  
one) new bugs (damn you Apple!):

  • Hoefler Text:
    - now uses sane feature strings, for those of you still not using  
fontspec :)
    - now doesn't convert o/ O/ l/ L/ into their diacritic slashed  
forms, thank god. Doesn't actually appear to be a way to turn this  
*on*, now, so I hope no-one actually used that functionality. Much  
better than the old way, however.
    - Oh no! Hoefler Text Regular (but none of its other shapes) can  
no longer chose between Uppercase and Lowercase numbers. This is a  
huge problem!
    - still doesn't ordinal-ise "0th" (or, by extension, "20th",  
which is more annoying)

  • Didot now uses the correct AAT numbers to select old-style  
numbers, so the fontspec package will access Didot's number case  

  • Cochin's ligatures now work: fi, fl, and ffl existed before but  
weren't wired in the font tables (very annoying at the time!)

More bits of info as they come...


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