[XeTeX] Patch for maths in fontspec

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Jun 20 18:10:34 CEST 2005

Le 20 juin 05 à 15:30, Will Robertson a écrit :

> On 20 Jun 2005, at 10:35 AM, Will Robertson wrote:
>>   \ifzf at math@package\else
>>     ...
>>   \fi
> Okay, my patch worked if you weren't using a different maths font,  
> because those two lines above prevented the code from running if  
> euler.sty or lucbmath.sty had taken over.
> If you remove those two lines from the patch (the first and last),  
> then things *might* work, but then again, euler and lucbmath might  
> not then behave exactly as expected.

Having tried harder, I confirm what Herb just said: accents come out  
OK after removing the above two lines from the patch (except for the  
error about \colon being already defined).

One *very* minor worry: that the accents will be taken always from  
cmr10, even if the Euler or Lucida math fonts are used. I don't know  
how this could be fixed. For Lucida, one could require lucidabr.sty  
to be called before fontspec.sty, and then using \let to do something  

\let\legacymathsencoding=\operator at encoding

and then


all this before the text fonts are initialized in fontspec.sty. But  
that's only for Luciuda, it's completely untested, and might be  
trashed by any possible \AtBeginDocument in other packages.


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