[XeTeX] fontspec v1.7

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Sat Jun 18 11:13:12 CEST 2005


The latest version of the fontspec package has been uploaded to CTAN.  
Expect to see it there as soon as the CTAN team can make it public.

  - There are a bunch of new options supported (mostly to do with  
various Japanese/Asian fonts), with yet more examples in the  
  - Unfortunately, there have been some backwards-incompatible  
changes to a couple of the font features and options, so be on the  
lookout when you upgrade if you've made extensive use of such things.  
Sorry about that.
  - Optical size is now supported for both OpenType and Multiple  
Master fonts.
  - The bug that Bruno reported a little while ago is fixed.
  - Probably some other stuff, too!

The documentation loads VERY slowly in Tiger's Preview.app for some  
reason, so it's on my list to create a stripped down version without  
all the different examples in different fonts.

Problems, etc., please report here.
After any short-term problems are dealt with, I won't be updating  
fontspec too much (if you couldn't tell from how long this release  
took!). Further architectural changes require a fairly significant re- 
write that I probably don't have time to do...and I'd like to  
concentrate my extra energy towards more general MacTeX stuff if I  
get the chance. I've got a roadmap, but I'll be taking a detour  
before I head down it.

Good luck!


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