[XeTeX] Re: [NTG-context] ConTeXt-XeTeX question

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Jun 1 15:42:34 CEST 2005

Le 1 juin 05 à 15:28, Jonathan Kew a écrit :

> On 1 Jun 2005, at 2:15 pm, Adam Lindsay wrote:
>>>> WARNING: Type1 font data returned by OFAStreamPSDownload isn't in
>>>> the correct format required by the Adobe Type 1 Font Format
>>>> specification.
> It's a XeTeX+Tiger issue, not related to the specific format being  
> used but to the way we're supporting .pfb fonts (which the OS  
> doesn't really support). Something changed between Panther and  
> Tiger that made this start happening, although the output still  
> seems to be OK (in particular, the .pfb fonts that the warnings  
> relate to still seem to render fine).
> [...]
>> The first thing to figure out is if XeLaTeX users encounter this  
>> as well
>> on Tiger when using legacy fonts.
> Yes, they will, but if they're running from an environment like  
> TeXShop rather than Terminal, they may not have noticed the  
> messages, as they'll appear only in the system log, which most  
> people don't usually look at.

I think I got that once, and it halted compilation in TeXShop.  
Compiling again (without changing anything in between) made the  
message disappear and not reappear ever after. I'm not sure, though,  
as I didn't take the time to note the exact warning and context.

Bruno Voisin

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