[XeTeX] Fwd: [OS X TeX] Fwd: [pdftex] using OpenType fonts in LaTeX

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Tue Jul 26 12:29:23 CEST 2005

Bruno Voisin wrote:
> This mainly for Will, of fontspec fame: would it be of interest  trying 
> to coordinate this development with the OpenType access in  fontspec, 
> rather than having two separate implementations coming up?

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the tip. I'm in the dark a little since unsubscribing from 
most of the TeX lists.

There is no reason that I couldn't add a bunch of commands to fontspec 
to mimic his package for things like uppercase/lowercase numbers and so 
on, and it wouldn't be too hard to add in support for defining more 
weights for light/semibold etc. to tie in properly with the NFSS.

For the former case, however, fontspec and his package "myfss" behave in 
slightly different ways; ultimately fontspec is more flexible but his 
method is probably a bit less of a hack on top of NFSS.

What he's done is actually very similar to how I started implementing 
support for rich fonts in XeLaTeX, but he's had the patience to go 
through and enumerate many many more options than I did at the time.

I'll keep an eye on this package to see if it actually goes anywhere, 
but in the meantime there's not too much overlap between our packages. I 
might wait until there's a stable package that's (a) on CTAN, (b) in DTX 
format (shows the author is dedicated :), and (c) is an actual new font 
selection scheme, rather than a hack on top of the NFSS (hacking the 
existing being much easier than writing anew).



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