[XeTeX] Could This Be a Problem?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Jul 14 19:38:13 CEST 2005

Le 14 juil. 05 à 16:17, Jonathan Kew a écrit :

> On 14 Jul 2005, at 3:03 pm, Herbert Schulz wrote:
>> I don't know if this is a problem or in any way related to the  
>> large time delays I see in displaying the generated pdf. I even  
>> get incorrect glyphs displayed if I recompile quickly without  
>> deleting the old pdf, etc., first.
> Oh? That's a new one to me; I'll look out for it.

That may or may not be related, but under Tiger: sometimes in TeXShop  
when displaying a PDF file upon opening or when refreshing the  
display after typesetting, all spaces are replaced by other  
characters (like "(", or "&"); the same happens at times when  
printing a text message from Mail.app. Hence it feels like a Tiger bug.

I never found out what triggers this. My impression is the same as  
for Herb, namely that this happens when I'm doing something very  
quickly: like typing Cmd-P immediately after Mail.app has finished  
displaying a message.

I'll see whether the same happens in OS X 10.4.2.


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