[XeTeX] Arabic prose

Bernd mlist at gmx.de
Sun Jul 10 20:51:18 CEST 2005

Hello XeTeX list,
I'm trying to use Jonathan's hint with Xelatex but I'm not getting it to
work for me. It works as expected in Xetex but I have no clue what I
need to do in Xelatex. The best solution for me would be a scenario 
where I have something like \poem{} in which everything is formatted 
like the sample text below.

thank you, Bernd.

Jonathan Kew schrieb:
> Hi Bernd,
> What happens if you run this example exactly as given, with XeTeX? I  am 
> attaching a PDF that shows the result I get; if you don't see  similar 
> output, then something is different in your overall setup --  perhaps a 
> different version of the Al Bayan font, lacking the  justification table?
> Or do you mean that it works the same in plain XeTeX, but you are  
> unable to produce a similar result in XeLaTeX? If that's case, you  
> should probably ask on the mailing list, where there are people  
> familiar with LaTeX; I'm not a LaTeX expert by a long way. It's  
> possible that LaTeX resets \parfillskip, for example, overriding your  
> attempt to make it zero; that would prevent the justification being  
> applied. But I really don't know much about the internal workings of  
> LaTeX and its packages.
> Jonathan
> On 9 Jul 2005, at 3:57 pm, Bernd wrote:
>> Hi Jonathan,
>> I tried to adapt this example in XeLateX but I don't get it.  Nothing 
>> happens. I do get the Al Bayan to work, but the stretching  won't do 
>> with parfillskip. Could you please give me a hint how to  do it?
>> Thank you very much, Bernd.
>>> This can be done automatically if you're using an AAT font that   
>>> includes a justification table, as some of Apple's do. Try this   
>>> (using some random text I grabbed from a web page)....
>>> % - - - - ArabJustify.tex - - - -
>>> % (process this with plain XeTeX)
>>> \TeXXeTstate=1
>>> \nopagenumbers
>>> \hsize=4in
>>> \font\arab="Al Bayan Plain" at 16pt \arab
>>> \baselineskip=24pt
>>> \parindent=0pt
>>> \parfillskip=0pt
>>> \hbadness=10000
>>> \everypar={\beginR}
>>> \obeylines
>>> أنفاسكِ حوليأنفاسكِ حولي
>>> تفاحةٌ تشبه هواءً أحمر
>>> وأعْبد فيكِ هذا الجزءَ بالتحديد
>>> ذلك المكان الذي تتوحد فيه الكلمات
>>> وذلك المكان الذي لاتعود فيه الكلمات   للكلام
>>> ذلك المكان الذي تتساقط فيه الإشارات   والمحسوس يبقى.
>>> قيمةُ ما أنتِ عليه هو هذا
>>> أن لانتكلم أو نتجسَس على اللامرئي
>>> وأن لانتخطى عتبةَ البيت الصغير الذي   هو جسدانا.
>>> \bye
>>> % - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>>> Enjoy,
>>> JK
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