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Ross Moore ross at
Fri Jul 8 01:44:37 CEST 2005

Hi Richard,

On 08/07/2005, at 2:20 AM, Richard Koch wrote:

> Ross,
> Amazing! There ought to be a way to take advantage of this!

Yeah. I thought you'd like it.

Here's the PDF again, for those on the MacTeX list
who haven't seen this effect yet.

Experiment:  Copy/Paste from the following PDF into any TextEdit
or TeXShop  window.

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> Dick
> PS: I found that I COULD search for \alpha in TeXShop. To search a
> PDF, you must toggle the drawer

  That's what I was expecting, but how do I toggle the drawer ?

Aaah, I see now.

Yes, it does show the presence of  \alpha , and gives a page-number.
But it doesn't give the same amount of context, as happens directly
in Preview.

Is this configurable ?

> and use that search panel. But
> as you report, the \alpha isn't highlighted.



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