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Thu Jul 7 10:40:51 CEST 2005

Hi Peter,  and others.

On 27/06/2005, at 7:19 AM, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> Am 23.06.2005 um 13:16 schrieb Ross Moore:
>> For example, search for instances of  sin x  (as from  $\sin x$ ).
>> Clearly the user enters plain text into the search-text box;
>> but the engine must be smart enough to match  \char"D835\char"D...
>> forms as above.
> Hello Ross!
> Do you know cmap.sty ( 
> contrib/cmap/)? Couldn't this cure the problem with not being able  
> to find math encoded strings?

Hey, this stuff really does work!

Consider the attached PDF and open it in Preview, or TeXShop 2.

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Select some of the math symbols, then Copy/Paste into TextEdit
or other recent editor -- a TeXShop editor window will do.

Neat huh.

Also, searching works in Preview  (not TeXshop !);
e.g.  use Apple-F to open the 'Search' panel,
then search for occurrences of \alpha .
You should find some --- however, they do *not*
highlight in the PDF, when you select one of these.

None of these nice features work in AR though (version 7.0.1).
So it's not so clear just who supports the /ToUnicode  tables,
and in what way.

I'd appreciate reports of other software that handles these
to some extent, or other.



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