[XeTeX] ConTeXt and XeTeX set up

Otared Kavian otared at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jul 5 17:21:35 CEST 2005

Hi all,

Due to some problems I recently had with fonts in ConTeXt I 
re-installed everything anew and noticed that the latest version of 
ConTeXt (version 2005.06.27), when creating a format with XeTeX with

sudo texexec --make --xtx en

installs a format "cont-en.fmt" in a new directory "xetex" inside

However when one tries to typeset a file "sample.tex" in CLI with
texexec --xtx sample.tex

it complains that "cont-en.fmt" was created with pdftex.
I solved the problem by changing the line
TEXFORMATS    = .;$TEXMF/web2c/{$engine,}

in the file "/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local/web2c/context.cnf" into
TEXFORMATS    = .;$TEXMF/web2c/{$engine,xetex,}

So my question is whether this change is "legal" or is it going to 
have other unwanted effects?
In case this chenge is allright, can one make the necessary changes 
in order to have this by defaults when creating an XeConTeXt format?

Thanks for your attention: OK

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