[XeTeX] Arabic prose

Bernd mlist at gmx.de
Fri Jul 1 18:52:49 CEST 2005

Yes, this is Tiger here, but typesetting again doesn't make it any faster...


Bruno Voisin schrieb:
> Le 1 juil. 05 à 18:26, Bernd a écrit :
>> BTW, is it normal that it takes about 30 seconds in TexShop to  
>> produce a PDF (your example)? I got an iMac 2GHz and I thought I  have 
>> a pretty fast machine...
> Are you on Tiger? I suspect so.
> In case you are, then the delay is connected with the Preview window.  
> It seems Tiger creates a cache of a font you're using for the first  
> time, or at a magnification (or size, or something like this, I don't  
> know what's exactly relevant here) you've never used before.
> Tries to typeset Jonathan's example again. It should be much faster  
> now. At least that's what happens for me.
> Bruno Voisin
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