[XeTeX] Re: [OS X TeX] fontspec package

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sat Jan 29 08:09:21 CET 2005

Le 29 janv. 05, à 03:59, Benoit Favreault a écrit :

> 	I installed (manualy) the fontspec package (in texmf.local/xetex) and 
> renewed my texconfig but I still get a "fontspec.sty not found" (the 
> only case I don't is when my file is in the same folder than  
> fontspec.sty)
> What have I done --or not ?

Try making it texmf.local/tex/xetex/fontspec, for example. That said, 
I'm surprised texmf.local/xetex/ doesn't work, given 
/usr/local/teTeX/texmf.cnf should contain, if your TeX installation 
went right:

% XeTeX
TEXINPUTS.xelatex =			.;$TEXMF/{xetex,tex}/{xetex,latex,generic,}//
TEXINPUTS.xetex   =			.;$TEXMF/{xetex,tex}/{xetex,plain,generic,}//

I think there are plans to reorganize the XeTeX files to make their 
organization more TDS-compliant in a future release.

Bruno Voisin

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