[XeTeX] Re: Unicode/font mixing

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Tue Jan 25 18:22:38 CET 2005

Will Robertson said this at Wed, 26 Jan 2005 03:32:50 +1030:

>I've been meaning to getting around to asking you about how you've 
>implemented XeTeX font and feature selection in ConTeXt -- is there 
>anything I could have a look at?

Sure thing.
I didn't even attempt anything as elegant as your fontspec package. 
Instead, I provided some sensible defaults and documentation: 

The only "tricky" thing I did was create a wildcard typescript that
leveraged Jonathan's beautiful "Optima Regular\BI" hack and the cascading
genericity of ConTeXt's typescript system. A user simply names a Mac OSX
font, and they get the font family (four variants) for free.

There's also the issue of font variants (where you add or take away a
feature from a base font, such as OSF, Small Caps, or condensed) being
fairly new within ConTeXt. Once that settles down, and some usage
patterns emerge, some more typescripts will come out.

As for other advanced fonts, like OpenType and AAT features, it seems
like I'm the only one using those things in ConTeXt/XeTeX. I'm building
up my library of bespoke typescripts for the fonts in my library, and am
willing to share with anyone who comes along asking for help.

No one has yet, though.
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